Online Auction Conditions of Sale

1. Registration & Deposit.
1.1. All auctions require that bidders register prior to being able to place bids.
1.2. Registration approval will be granted at the entire discretion of AMA.
1.3. Registrants are required to pay a refundable deposit by way of cash, swipe, mobile money or bank transfer in order to participate in an auction.
1.4. Details of each auction’s deposit can be found in the auction’s description.
1.5. Refunds on deposits paid into a bank account or mobile money platform will be subject to a 2% administration fee plus VAT prior to refund.
1.6. Failure to honour payments within the set timelines as described below will result in the deposit being forfeit and the sale cancelled.

2. Bidding.
2.1. All bids are binding and cannot be removed or revoked.
2.2. AMA reserve the right to bid on behalf of the seller, regulate the bidding and refuse any bid.
2.3. All lots are sold subject to managements approval up until the time that a tax invoice is produced.
3. Online Timed Auctions’ Term’s.
3.1. End Time –
a. Auction end times are the time at which the lot on the auction is scheduled to close for bids.
b. Lots thereafter may have staggered end times to enable bidders time to place other bids.
c. Bidders are encouraged to check the end time of each lot to ensure they do not try bid after a lot has already closed.
d. Each lot has a countdown timer to enable easy reference of the time left.
3.2. Bid Extensions –
a. End times are scheduled times set at the time of the auction being created but are subject to change at the AMA’s entire discretion and in the case where a bid is placed within the last ten minutes of the scheduled end time.
3.3. Max Bid –
a. Bidders may place a “Max Bid” of more than the current bid increment to authorise the auction system to bid on their behalf up to and including the selected max bid value.
b. Should more than one bidder place the same max bid on the same lot the bidder that placed the max bid first will be allocated the bid and classified the current winner.
4. Purchasers levy, duties, VAT, Delivery Costs & other charges.
4.1. All bids will be exclusive of any purchasers levy, applicable VAT, duties of any kind, delivery and loading.
4.2. Details of applicable Purchasers levy, VAT & delivery charges can be found in the description of each lot on auction. Bidders should refrain from bidding should they be unclear or do not understand any of the above.
5. Payments.
5.1. Total payment made towards all bids on auction must be received by the AMA within 48 hours after the auction has ended.
5.2. Bank transfer and mobile money payments will only be considered received by the AMA when the funds are credited to their bank or mobile money accounts.
5.3. Should funds not be received by AMA for any reason within 48 hours of the end of the auction, any deposit paid will be forfeited & the auctioneers reserve the right to re-sell the products or enforce the sale at their discretion.
5.4. In the case of the latter, purchases will be subject to a 10% surcharge plus VAT on the Surcharge over and above the already forfeited deposit.
6. Products sold “As Is, where is, with all faults and liabilities”.
6.1. Buyers are encouraged to seek expert opinions, view, test and determine the state of each product prior to bidding.
6.2. All lots are sold as-is, where is, with all faults and liabilities and the sellers and AMA as their representatives do not give, guarantee, or imply any condition of any lot and do not accept any responsibility for any misrepresentation of any sort. Loading, removal and transportation of the product is the entire responsibility of the buyer. Products must be removed from the auction premises within two working days from the date of invoice.
7. Storage, security & responsibility.
7.1. The security and responsibility of product transfer to the buyer at the time each product is sold.
7.2. AMA will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, to products that are not collected.
7.3. Goods not collected within fourteen days from the date of invoice will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser to defray storage charges.

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